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The yellow corn revolution in Togo: The innovation of bulk selling ushers in a new era for small farmers

12:19 28 August in News

The light of day reveals a sunlit field of yellow corn in the Maritime region of Togo, but this is no ordinary sight. These fields are the stage for a true revolution in the lives of small grain producers, all thanks to one singular innovation: the bulk selling of yellow corn. We’re thrilled to share this incredible breakthrough in the 15th edition of our weekly column, “Gems of Family Farms.”


Agriculture in Africa, often characterized by family operations, has long faced a myriad of challenges, among which the persistent issue of market access stands out. Many small producers have been held back by insurmountable obstacles such as transportation costs, middlemen taking significant margins, or an inability to negotiate fair prices for their produce. But today, bulk selling is sweeping away these challenges like leaves carried off by a wind of innovation.

By forming alliances and selling their yellow corn in bulk, small farmers in this beautiful region of Togo have discovered the power of unity. Gone are the days when a lack of resources equaled weak negotiating power. Today, these agricultural groups have successfully reversed the market dynamics. With reduced storage and transportation costs, each producer sees a significant improvement in their profit margins.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Bulk selling has also opened the door to professional training for the farmers. Various institutions, including NGOs and government structures, support these groups by providing crucial information on best agricultural practices. These trainings make small producers not only more effective in their work but also more enlightened as managers of their farms.

It’s important to note that this transformation is not an isolated victory. It reflects a broader trend, a trend that can be adapted and applied to other crops and in other regions. It’s proof that when farmers work together, they can overcome challenges that seem insurmountable when faced alone. The bulk selling of yellow corn in Togo is not just a local success story; it’s a model of sustainable development and a source of inspiration for all small farmers in Africa.

If you’ve been touched by this inspiring story and want to know more about the miracles hidden in family farms across Africa, we invite you to download the full document on ROPPA’s website following this link:


Today, we celebrate bulk selling of yellow corn, not just because it has transformed the lives of small producers in the Maritime region of Togo, but also because it symbolizes a spirit of innovation and resilience that transcends borders. The future of agriculture in Africa is bright, and it is largely thanks to the strength, unity, and ingenuity of its small farmers. Let us never forget that they are the ones who feed the continent, and they do it with endless determination and ingenuity.

Fatimata KONE

Communication and Knowledge Management Officer


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