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The rise of Tori-Bossito: A dazzling agricultural transformation orchestrated by GEA-Benin

07:10 18 September in News

The sweet scent of revival hovers over the community of Tori-Bossito. This agricultural renaissance, teeming with hope and opportunities, is the result of an exemplary collaboration between an audacious youth and the Agricultural Operators Group of Benin (GEA-Benin). We unveil this remarkable journey in the 18th edition of our series “Gems of Family Farms”. Once upon a time, Tori-Bossito was a mosaic of uncultivated lands. Today, it shines brilliantly, thanks to dynamic and modernized family farms. It all began with GEA-Benin; whose vision was clear: breathe life back into the agriculture of Tori-Bossito. With an innovative approach combining self-diagnosis, tailored training, and business plan development, GEA-Benin succeeded in infusing optimism and ambition among the region’s young farmers.

The stories of Gaston HOUNDEGLA and Raphaël HOUESSOU are poignant testimonials. Gaston, the passionate market gardener from Tori-Gbégoudo, saw his activity soar, notably thanks to a sprayer gifted by GEA-Benin. From combating weeds to constructing a well with an irrigation system, Gaston transformed his farm into a truly profitable business, diversifying his activities and contributing to the community’s well-being by providing potable water. On the other hand, Raphaël, a producer and processor of palm nuts in Tori Cada, benefited from GEA’s initiatives to modernize his equipment. Transitioning from a traditional cooker to a modern pulper, and diversifying his activities while acquiring new lands, Raphaël took full advantage of the training and resources provided by GEA-Benin.

These individual transformations had collective impacts. The facilitated access to potable water, the creation of indirect jobs, and the promotion of environmentally friendly agriculture have all played a part in enhancing the entire community’s quality of life. However, every path to success is strewn with challenges. From funds management, the need to swiftly adapt farmers to new techniques, to coordination challenges among various organizations, the journey was not without hurdles. Yet, thanks to the farmers’ tenacity and GEA-Benin’s unwavering support, these challenges were surmounted.

The true triumph of this initiative lies in the establishment of a harmonious agricultural ecosystem, where public and private sectors collaborate for flourishing agriculture. Indeed, the involvement of Tori-Bossito’s town hall, local NGOs, and traditional technical support structures was crucial. Furthermore, the implementation of close monitoring and counseling ensured the sustainability and permanence of these initiatives. This wave of agricultural renaissance, catalyzed by the collaboration between young farmers and GEA-Benin, deserves more than a mere mention. It deserves to be celebrated, shared, and adopted as a model for other regions. We invite you to delve deep into this transformation by downloading the complete document on our knowledge management platform:


In conclusion, Tori-Bossito is no longer just a community; it symbolizes a resurgent African agriculture, championed by a determined youth and supported by initiatives like that of GEA-Benin. A magnificent beacon of hope for the continent’s agricultural future.

Fatimata KONE

Communication and Knowledge Management Officer


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