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The odyssey of the onion in Baguineda: How Mali is revolutionizing the ‘Violet de Galmi’ seed

07:10 04 September in News

As part of the 16th installment of our weekly feature, “Gems of Family Farms,” we turn our attention to Baguineda to share a success story that deserves special recognition. Within the Cooperative of Planters and Market Gardeners of Baguineda (CPMB), a quiet but substantial transformation is underway, involving the production of improved and certified seeds of the ‘Violet de Galmi’ onion variety.

The initiative led by CPMB is nothing short of revolutionary. By adopting a comprehensive approach that includes training farmers, providing access to high-quality inputs, and raising awareness about the need for certified seeds, the cooperative has paved the way for more efficient and sustainable agriculture. The result? Increased productivity, improved product quality, and a brighter future for cooperative members.

So why is this so significant? First of all, the ‘Violet de Galmi’ is a highly-prized onion variety with the potential to transform the agricultural economy. Moreover, by producing their own certified seeds, farmers within the CPMB become less dependent on variable-quality imports. This autonomy has a positive impact not just on yields but also on the financial stability of local farmers.

The cooperative didn’t walk this path alone. The realization of this project was facilitated by a network of partnerships and collaborations that provided technical and financial support, enabling the cooperative to overcome various challenges, such as seed certification and changing weather conditions.

However, the road hasn’t been without obstacles. From infrastructure to certification costs, to the challenge of maintaining high-quality standards, the hurdles have been numerous. But it’s determination and resilience that have defined the spirit of this odyssey, enabling the cooperative to overcome these difficulties.

The success of the CPMB serves as an inspiring model for other agricultural initiatives in West Africa. The key lies in training, collaboration, and above all, the commitment of the farmers themselves. These are the elements that have transformed a simple idea into a successful agricultural odyssey.

To learn more about this incredible journey, you can download the complete document on our knowledge management platform:


Thus, the adventure of the CPMB and the ‘Violet de Galmi’ in Baguineda is not merely a local success story; it’s a true epic that could well lay the foundation for the future of sustainable agriculture in West Africa.

Fatimata KONE

Communication and Knowledge Management Officer


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