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The new breath of liberian coffee: The success story of FUNL’s agricultural training

11:46 05 November in News

The revival of the Liberian coffee sector symbolizes the resilience and ambition of a nation which, through the Farmers Union Network of Liberia (FUNL), a member of ROPPA, has transformed post-conflict challenges into an opportunity for sustainable growth. In a sincere expression of gratitude, FUNL warmly thanks its farmers for their exemplary commitment in implementing the training received. These trainings, focused on advanced harvesting techniques, post-harvest management, agricultural management, pruning, and quality control, have been crucial in preparing farmers for a superior quality coffee production. Strategic partnerships with the European Union, the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Programme, the International Trade Centre, and ACRAM have been the driving force behind this transformation, providing the necessary support to revitalize the Liberian coffee industry. These collaborations have facilitated training programs that have equipped farmers with modern skills, essential for competitiveness in the international coffee market.

FUNL is currently celebrating the harvest of Robusta coffees, a pivotal moment that embodies the culmination of the farmers’ efforts and learning. The excitement builds as the harvest of Liberica coffees in December approaches, with the anticipation of a fruitful season that promises to raise the standard of quality and quantity of Liberian coffee. The impact of this training extends beyond the harvest. Post-harvest practices such as drying, sorting, and storage play a fundamental role in preserving the quality of the coffee. These steps are crucial to ensure that every Liberian coffee bean offers an exceptional taste experience, thus reflecting the authenticity and richness of the terroir.

Continued education and agricultural innovation are at the heart of FUNL’s philosophy. By favoring sustainable and ecological methods, the organization aims to create not only a prosperous coffee industry but also one that is environmentally friendly. The goal is to ensure an ethical production that respects the land and the communities that depend on it. FUNL’s success in training its members and the upcoming harvest is a clear example of what determination and collaboration can achieve. The organization stands as a model for agricultural development in Africa, demonstrating that hard work and education are powerful vectors for social and economic change.

The story of FUNL is a source of inspiration, not only for Liberian farmers but for anyone or organization seeking to positively impact their environment. The journey from the years of conflict to the current renaissance of the coffee industry is a testimony to the untapped potential of Liberian land and its people. The efforts of FUNL and its partners reveal a vision of the future where agricultural prosperity is the very essence of progress. Each grain of coffee harvested is a symbol of growth, each brewed cup a celebration of the endurance and entrepreneurial spirit of the Liberian people.

In anticipation of an exceptional harvest, FUNL is ready to undertake the next steps of its journey, strengthened by the success of its training programs and the unwavering support of its partners. The December harvest of Liberica coffees is not just an agricultural event; it is the promise of a bright future for Liberia, carried by the deep aromas of its coffee, now a symbol of a nation in full ascent.

Fatimata KONE

Communication and Knowledge Management Officer


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