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The CTOP’s mini farmers’ market on December 28, 2023: A landmark event for Togolese agriculture

16:40 29 December in News

December 28, 2023 marked a turning point in the history of Togolese agriculture with the holding of the mini farmers’ market organized by the Coordination of Togolese Farmers’ Organizations and Agricultural Producers (CTOP). On that day, the CTOP headquarters in Klikamé transformed into a vibrant hub of exchange, trade, and discovery, celebrating the richness and diversity of Togolese agriculture. From dawn, producers affiliated with the CTOP displayed their products: fresh vegetables, carefully raised poultry, exquisite local rice, sturdy yam tubers, freshly pressed fruit juices, captivating spices, fresh fish, and small ruminants. Each stall offered a palette of flavors and colors, showcasing the richness of the Togolese terroirs and the expertise of the farmers and breeders.

This fair was not just a commercial opportunity; it represented a strong commitment to sustainable agriculture and support for local producers. By purchasing directly from the producers, consumers obtained superior quality products while contributing to a more equitable and environmentally friendly economy.

The event also served as a platform to raise awareness about the importance of preserving Togolese agricultural traditions and biodiversity. It highlighted the importance of sustainable and earth-friendly agricultural practices. The proximity between producers and consumers fostered a better understanding of the challenges of modern agriculture and valued local expertise, thereby strengthening community ties.

The mini market highlighted the resilience and innovation of Togolese agro-pastoralists. Faced with climatic and economic challenges, they presented an abundance of quality products, testifying to their ingenuity and commitment to environmentally respectful agricultural methods.

The event was also an opportunity to discover innovations in the Togolese agricultural sector, with discussions on sustainable cultivation techniques, responsible breeding methods, and innovative approaches to product transformation. These exchanges inspired a new generation of consumers and producers.

In conclusion, the CTOP’s mini farmers’ market on December 28, 2023, was a celebration of Togo’s culture, identity, and agricultural independence. It underscored the importance of building robust local food systems and offered a vision of a future where agriculture is productive, sustainable, and equitable. The CTOP thus celebrated current successes and paved the way for a promising future in the Togolese agricultural field.

Fatimata KONE

Communication and Knowledge Management Officer


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