Opening for the recruitment of a PRAOP/ECOWAP “Program Officer”

In the framework of the implementation of the regional agricultural policy (ECOWAP), the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) provides support to Umbrella Professional Organizations (UPO) that are key stakeholders in the mechanism to organize and implement the aforementioned policy. These UPOs are the Network of Peasant Organizations and Producers in West Africa (ROPPA), the Association for the Promotion of Livestock in the Sahel and Savannah (APESS), and the Billital Maroobé Network (RBM), three regional professional organizations that, in the framework of the process to fighting rural poverty and food insecurity, take responsibility for the defense of the economic, social and environmental interests of family holdings of farmers, breeders, grazers, forest operators, and fishermen throughout their zones of intervention. The UPOs have provided their contribution during the 10 years of ECOWAP and aere supporting the process of preparing the second generation of National Agricultural Investment Plans (NAIP) and the Regional Agricultural Investment Plan (RAIP). In order to build their capacities, the Swiss Confederation, through DDC, provides support to ECOWAS through the signing of a convention to fund the regional support program for professional and peasant agricultural organizations in the framework of implementing the West African agricultural policy (PRAOP/ECOWAP). The program is initiated to support the three UPOs (ROPPA, RBM, APESS) in the framework of their involvement in the implementation of ECOWAP.
The program objective is to contribute to food security and improve the lifestyles of the rural population in West Africa through the implementation of the ECOWAS agricultural policy (ECOWAP). In this regard, the program intends to support the UPOs by increasing the number of services rendered to their members as actors and beneficiaries of the mechanisms. It comes to reinforce a dynamic cooperation, built on the defense of family holdings. Indeed, in this endeavor, the UPOs have in mind the improvement of the living and working conditions of family holdings in all rural sub-­sectors: farming, breeding, grazing, fishing, and forestry. The PRAOP/ECOWAP is scheduled to last from 15 December 2015 to 14 December2019. In the framework of the PRAOP implementation, the beneficiary UPOs (ROPPA,RBM, APESS) of the said program are recruiting a “PRAOP/ECOWAP Program Officer.”

Under the responsibility of the UPOs and reporting to ECOWAS (Regional Agency for Food and Agriculture;; Department of Agriculture and Rural Development), the PRAOP/ECOWAP Program Officer will have as mission to plan and monitor all activities of the regional program to support professional and peasant agricultural organizations in the framework of the implementation of the agricultural policy in West Africa (PRAOP/ECOWAP).

Working in close collaboration with regional producers’ organizations and ECOWAS,the duties of the PRAOP/ECOWAP Program Officer are as follows:
i) prepare the annual technical and budgetary programming of the program;;
ii) supervise the performance of planned activities;;
iii) prepare technical and financial execution reports of the entire program for the steering committee and technical and financial partners;
iv) provide support to UPOs in the preparation of their activity reports;;
v) develop cooperation ties between the UPOs and ECOWAS;;
vi) perform all the duties entrusted to him/her by ECOWAS and the PRAOP beneficiaries.
The Program Officer will be based in Lome in Togo.

Qualifications and experience
The PRAOP/ECOWAP Program Officer, who must be highly qualified in the
program’s issues should have the following profile:
v holder of at least a high school certificate plus 4 years of University studies (postgraduate diploma, Masters’ degree, engineer, doctorate degree/PhD,
etc.) in agriculture, livestock, rural development, sociology, agricultural
economics, or cooperative development;;
v have at least ten (10) years of experience in the area of the development of
professional agricultural organizations (UPOs), or the development of agricultural or livestock sectors;;
v past work with a producers’ organization at sub-­regional (ECOWAS space) or international level will be an added advantage.


The PRAOP/ECOWAP Program Officer should have:
- ­ solid knowledge of capacity building and advocacy of professional organizations at both regional and national levels;;
- ­ very good knowledge of Umbrella Professional Organizations;;
- ­ proven skills in the supervision and monitoring of rural development projects;;
- ­ good practical knowledge of designing and analyzing policies, and experience in regional agricultural programs, their design, planning, and implementation;;
- ­ project management skills: organizational skills, sense of anticipation and planning;;
- ­ a solid experience of working with regional professional farmers’ organizations;;
- ­ excellent knowledge with the capacity to solve problems relating to the development of the agricultural sector;;
- ­ excellent skills at organizing and running regional meetings;
- ­ excellent written and oral communications skills;;
- ­ excellent ability to work in a multicultural setting;;
- ­ excellent ability to draft and prepare reports.

The command of one of the three ECOWAS working languages (English, French,
Portuguese) is required. Sound working knowledge (written and oral) of a second
working language of the ECOWAs Commission is an asset.

Contract duration
The employment of a program Officer shall be on the basis of a fixed-­term
contract of 12 months, renewable subject to positive evaluation of his/her performances. He/she shall have the status of a consultant.

Qualified women are strongly encouraged to apply.

How to apply:
All interested candidates should submit their files online at the following e-­mail address:, with the subject: “SCI-­PRAOP Program Officer.” Candidates’ files should comprise (1) a motivation letter, (2) a detailed, updated and signed resume, (3) scanned copies of certificates and other testimonials, (4) scanned copies of employment attestations, and (5) a list of 3 referees.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Deadline for application
Candidates’ files must be submitted no later than 30 August 2016 at 20:00 GMT.

Nota Bene:
PRAOP has earmarked for the position an attractive pay package of internationalstandard.

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