CNOP, recognized since November, 26th 2004 under the receipt n° 0012 G – DB, is defined as an association of FOs/apex structures federations, apolitical and autonomous. It is a converging democratic framework of concerns, actions and strategies (FOs) in order to lead to a common space for real representativeness, formulation of common strategies in the face of the other actors, strengthening of the effects of their lobbying and advocacy actions.

CNOP has two key functions: function of political representation and this of defending farmers’ interests of Mali.
Function of political representation :

  • Being the mouthpiece of the Agricultural profession in the face of State and other development actors.
    Function of defending farmers’ interests:
  • Defending and promoting values of a secured Family Farming and open to progress and modernity ;
  • Enabling Mali’s FOs to contribute to the definition of a vision of Malian Agriculture and Agricultural policies centered on family farms;
  • Constituting a farmer pole of lobbying and advocacy in Mali and within the sub-region. CNOP federates national and/or regional FOs that cover all the sub-sectors of agriculture, livestock, fisheries and forestry. Within CNOP, there are also the most representative two organizations of women and young people in rural area.

The ambition of CNOP is to defend and promote the values of a secured Family Farming and open to progress and modernity. Its long-term objective is to build a responsible, credible national farmer movement, bearer of the sustainable socio-economic promotion of family farms.
CNOP targets mostly :

  • Poverty eradication in rural area ;
  • Food sovereignty for the country ;
  • Better livelihoods for all rural people ;
  • A farmer agriculture recognized as a work, secured and respected ;
  • Rational exploitation of natural resources for the sustainability of production systems, preservation and of the genetic patrimony.
    Through those ambitions and objectives, CNOP envisions making Malian agriculture, centered on family farm, the lever of economic, social and cultural development.
    CNOP is fighting for social equity, justice, respect, democracy and good governance, recognition of the merit.
    To attain its objectives and ambitions, CNOP works to enable FOs of Mali to contribute to the definition of a vision of the Malian Agriculture and Agricultural policies centered on family farms.

CNOP is managed by elected farmers who represent member Federations. Its bodies are the General Assembly, the Board of Directors and the National Executive Bureau. Those bodies guide and control activities of CNOP
To ensure the permanent functioning of CNOP, a technical support unit is set up. This unit works on the basis of rules mentioned in the Manual of Procedures to treat files and manage technical and financial resources. To facilitate the ownership of analyses from those files and involve as much as possible, elected representatives, in the working out of positions and proposals, three working commissions are active on the following themes:

  • Food sovereignty, Agricultural policies and international stakes ;
  • Alliances, partnership , lobbying and advocacy ;
  • Campaigns of information and media.

To date, member structures are as follows:

1. Association of Farmer Professional Organizations (AOPP) ;
2. Association of Resident Fishermen in Mali (APRAM) ;
3. Farmer Platform of Sahel;
4.Federation of Banana Farmers’ Organizations (FOPB) ;
5. National Federation of the Cattle and Meat Sector (FEBEVIM) ;
6. National Union of Growers and vegetable farmers cooperatives (UNCPM) ;
7. Association for the Promotion of Agricultural Sectors (APROFA) ;
8. College of Farmer Unions;
9. National Federation of Rural Women (FENAFER) ;
10. National Federation of Rural Young people (FENAJR) ;
11. National Federation of dairy farmers (FENALAIT)
12.National Platform of Rice Farmers (PNPR)

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