Founded on May, 19th 1998, the Association Nationale des Organisations Professionnelles Agricoles de Côte d’Ivoire, (ANOPACI) has within it 30 member associations and two specialized bodies (women and youth).
At the organizational level, ANOPACI has a General Assembly (made-up of all the member associations with 5 delegates per Agricultural Professional Organizations, with one deliberating vote per organization) , a Board made-up of 30 members. Some commissions can be set up to address priority themes. An Executive Secretariat ensures the daily management of the Association and comprises an Executive Secretary and officers.
The goal of ANOPACI consists in: (i) ensuring the defense of farmers’ interests, (ii) promoting the professionalization of agriculture, (iii) improving incomes and livelihoods of farmers and (iv) valorizing the work of the farmer.
Internal resources of ANOPACI stem from; (i) membership dues and contributions of farmers, (ii) service provisions of the Association and (iii) donations of some members. Regarding external resources, they are constituted of subsidies, donations, legacy and others.

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