I. Historical background of CPF
Before, the mission of CPF was taken on by an informal structure called « consultation framework of umbrella farmer organizations (CCOF) ». Breeding ground of a fruitful dialogue between farmers, CCOF evolved in 2002 to give birth to a new unifying organization of the organized rural world. Therefore, the Confédération Paysanne du Faso (Farmer Confederation of Faso) has been founded following a farmer congress held in Bobo-Dioulasso in 2002.
It is a platform comprising 14 umbrella organizations, governed by the law 14/99/AN dealing with the regulation of cooperative companies and groups in Burkina Faso. To enable small-scale farmers work safely and live decently on their work.
The Confédération Paysanne du Faso is member of the Network of farmer organizations and agricultural producers of West Africa (ROPPA) that is headquartered in Ouagadougou.

II. Address
01 BP 2978 Ouagadougou 01
TEL/FAX : (226) 25 30 18 44
E-mail : cpf@fasonet.bf
Site : www.cpfburkina.org

III. Federations and unions members of CPF
Federation of livestock rearers in Burkina Faso
National federation of women in Burkina
National federation of wood and non-wood forestry products operators ;
National federation of unions and groups for forestry management
National federation of young agricultural professionals in Faso
National federation of bananas farmers
Union of groups for the marketing of agricultural products
National Union of rice parboilers in Burkina Faso
National Union of mini-dairies and small-scale producers of local milk
National Union of cotton farmers in Burkina Faso
National Union of mango farmers in Burkina Faso
National Union of rice farmers in Burkina Faso
National Union of seed farmers in Burkina Faso

CPF has built a vision around family farming, attached to the principle of food sovereignty and claiming to be a sustainable, productive and competitive agriculture guaranteeing the access to land and land security for all the categories of farmers.
Its vision on development concept rests among others on:

  • An agriculture based itself on mixed farming with diversified agricultural activities within family farms, a same actor intervening on several specialized agricultural areas or agricultural sectors ;
  • Food sovereignty or right of any people to produce, feed itself and live decently on its work, freedom to sell off its crops everywhere without dumping. To address the challenge of food security and sovereignty in Burkina Faso, farmers’ organizations, through their confederation, committing for a sustained increase in agricultural, forestry and pastoral productions. This increase in agricultural production requires modernizing family farms that involves a sustainable and secured access to production factors. This modernization is in line with the development of sectors allowing the generation of value-addition, incomes and a significant contribution to the economic development of rural households. The development and modernization of family farming requires :
  • Taking into account of this model of agriculture in public agricultural policies ;
  • Recognition and valorization of the farmer work ;
  • Organizational and institutional strengthening of FOs to guarantee their credibility.
    Focusing on those stakes and drawing lessons from its actions, since a decade, CPF has designed a strategic plan 2015-2019. It has as goal to improve farmers’ livelihoods through the taking into account of family farming as model of production ensuring food security and sovereignty in Burkina Faso. This plan has four strategic objectives that are as follows
  • Making family farming a major orientation of agricultural public policies to serve as lever to food sovereignty;
  • Making modernization of family farm an alternative to the model of modern agriculture and agri-businesses;
  • Making vocational training of rural young people/rural women and their professional integration , a source for the strengthening of agricultural work and poverty reduction in rural area ;
  • Ensuring the organizational and institutional capacity-building of CFP as lever of credibility.


  • Being a framework of exchange and consultation ;
  • Ensuring the defense of material and moral interests of member organizations;
  • Accompanying the professionalization of farmers.


  • Promoting solidarity between member confederation organizations ;
  • Advocacy and lobbying ;
  • Consultation and cooperation between the confederation and other umbrella organizations at the national, sub-regional and international level ;
  • Negotiation with State and development partners on common issues to member organizations at the national and international level (orientation of agricultural policy, land issue, code of investments in agriculture and livestock, etc.) ;
  • Representation of its members at the national and international level complying with the subsidiarity principle;
  • Collection, processing and dissemination of general (affecting the rural world) and specific (based on member organizations’ request). Data.

The following bodies govern its functioning:

  • A General Assembly that sets big orientations ;
  • A Board of Directors ;
  • A management Board ;
  • A control committee ;
  • A standing secretariat.

Site : www.cpfburkina.org

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