The purpose of the Conseil National de Concertation et de Coopération des Ruraux (CNCR) of Senegal is to contribute to the development of a farmer farming that ensures a sustainable socio-economic promotion of family farms.

Objectives :
1. Promoting consultation, cooperation and sharing of experiences between its members;
2. Strengthening within movements and federations of farmer associations, the key togetherness to the development of rural area;
3. Ensuring a good representation of the farmer identity and in terms of producers to the State and public and private partners, within the country and outside;
Strengthening the development of a platform of consultation between African farmer organizations.

Those principles have enabled CNCR to define its area of intervention;
1.recognition and respect of State authority for the definition of farming policies;
2. Taking into account integrity and autonomy, in solidarity, member federations;
3. Recognizing the existence of other actors intervening in rural development;
4. Rural people should take seriously their destiny.

Governing bodies:
Governing bodies are Congress, Board of Directors and Executive Bureau. They are made-up of member farmer organizations (FOs) managers and have prerogatives to take decisions about activities to implement in compliance with orientations defined by the congress;
The congress is made-up of all the members; it is the sovereign body of orientation and decision of CNCR;
Members of the Board are: it comprises 60 members (four representatives per founding member and two per each new member). It is entitled to plan, implement and monitor all the activities of CCNR in compliance with orientations and programmes defined by the General Assembly.

Executive Bureau: it comprises 18 members, executes Board decisions. The Board and executive bureau are made-up by member Farmer Organizations (FOs) managers and have prerogatives to decide about activities to implement in compliance with orientations defined by the congress.
The General Secretariat of CNCR is the execution body. It has a technical unit to conduct its activities. Then, it ensures , in collaboration with managers of CNCR and independent service providers, the preparations of files, negotiation of programmes, training of FOs’ managers as well as the coordination and monitoring of the activities of CNCR.

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