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Sowing the seeds of change: Senegalese women reap the benefits of PARFAO

10:54 29 August in News

The impact of the Support Program for the Resilience of Women in West Africa (PARFAO), backed by the Network of Farmers’ and Agricultural Producers’ Organizations of West Africa (ROPPA), is evident in the lives of women farmers in Senegal. Executed in collaboration with the National Council for Rural Cooperation and Consultation (CNCR), the program has brought notable improvements to the lives of women from CNCR, FENAGIE/PÊCHE, and FENPROSE.

During a meeting held on August 25 and 26 in Thiès, the women shared inspiring stories on how the PARFAO program has transformed their daily lives. Key advances include the establishment of production facilities tailored to the specific needs of women, optimization of production means contributing to a safer and more effective work environment, the enhancement of product quality through optimized production and transformation techniques, a significant increase in income for women producers, and the acquisition of transformation skills crucial for adding value to their products.

Despite these significant strides, the women of CNCR emphasize the importance of sustaining these efforts. They insist on the need to enhance capacities for better-quality transformed products, invest in training in commercial marketing strategies, and conduct diagnostic studies to identify the specific needs of women before rolling out future projects.

The CNCR and ROPPA celebrate the progress made so far and take seriously the recommendations made by the women, recognizing that the fight against poverty and for the full empowerment of women is an ongoing process. The partnership between CNCR and ROPPA has laid a solid foundation for the empowerment of women and the valorization of their agricultural products. Both organizations commit to continuing on this path by leveraging the recommendations made.

The success of the PARFAO program shows that when women are supported and empowered, they can not only improve their own quality of life but also make a significant contribution to the economic development of their community and country. The time has come to capitalize on these successes and build an even brighter future for the women of West Africa.

Women farmers play a crucial role in West Africa’s economy, contributing not only to food security but also to job creation and economic development. However, they often face significant challenges, including limited access to resources, financing, training, and markets. The PARFAO program, initiated in 2019 with ROPPA’s support, was designed to address these challenges by bolstering women’s resilience, enabling them to have production and transformation units.

During its implementation, the program has allowed women from several organizations, including CNCR, FENAGIE/PÊCHE, and FENPROSE, to benefit from significant improvements in various areas of their agricultural work. This has notably included the provision of adequate production units, improvement of production conditions, the introduction of quality products into the market, enhanced income for women producers, and mastery of transformation techniques.

These achievements were lauded by participants at the Thiès meeting, where they shared their experiences and discussed ways to sustain the gains from the program. They made recommendations for capacity strengthening to improve the quality of transformed products, training in commercial marketing strategies, and conducting diagnostic studies to identify women’s needs before executing future projects.

In conclusion, the PARFAO program has successfully brought tangible improvements to the lives of women farmers in Senegal. It is imperative to capitalize on these successes and heed the recommendations made by the women to ensure the sustainability of efforts made and thus contribute to the full empowerment of women farmers in West Africa.

Fatimata KONE

Communication and Knowledge Management Officer


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