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Senegalese Initiative: UGPM, CCPA, and FEGPAB, An Innovative Trio for Optimal Soil Health Management

16:02 19 May in News

Kigali, Rwanda: From May 16 to 18, 2023, the FO4ACP’s “Knowledge Management” event is taking place in Kigali, bringing together experts and key players in the agricultural sector. Among the initiatives showcased, ROPPA highlights six flagship projects from its national member platforms. Today, we introduce you to the Senegalese initiative that stands out in the knowledge fair marketplace.The Union of Meckhé Producers’ Groups (UGPM), the Concertation Framework of Peanut Producers (CCPA), and the Federation of Associated Peasant Groups of Baol (FEGPAB) join forces in Senegal for a noble cause: to improve soil health and, consequently, agricultural yields through an approach based on factual technical data.

The approach adopted by these organizations is to strengthen farmers’ capacities by implementing a simple process to obtain factual data on the state of the soil. Deployed activities include soil analyses carried out with portable soil health kits and characterization of the most commonly used fertilizer materials. Thanks to this factual approach, farmers gain mastery of soil constituents and better adapt their agricultural practices.

The initiative is not limited to the collection of technical data. A training and awareness-raising component is also planned, in which farmers are trained in good fertilization and soil restoration practices. Furthermore, awareness is raised about the issues of fertilization.

The first results are promising: the improvement in yields testifies to the success of the initiative. However, challenges remain. Additional efforts are required for integrated pest management, and some harmful practices, such as soil stripping or “boop” in Wolof, still persist in some regions due to the high cost of livestock feed. Initiatives for forage crops have been encouraged and deserve increased support.

The experience of UGPM, CCPA, and FEGPAB demonstrates the effectiveness of a factual and technical approach to soil health management. It is essential to continue to support and accompany these initiatives to ensure the sustainability of our agricultural production systems. Optimal management of soil health is more than a necessity, it is a must for the future of Senegalese agriculture and beyond.

By highlighting this initiative, we underscore the importance of collaboration and innovation in addressing agricultural challenges and ensuring a prosperous and sustainable future for agriculture.

UGPM, CCPA, and FEGPAB have shown that partnership and knowledge sharing can play a decisive role in implementing sustainable agricultural practices. Their initiative is a source of inspiration for other regions in Senegal and the African continent.

In a world where food security is increasingly threatened by climate change and other environmental factors, optimal soil health management is a strategic priority. This Senegalese initiative shows that the use of factual technical data can help meet this challenge.

The approach of UGPM, CCPA, and FEGPAB, which combines training, awareness-raising, and the adoption of good practices based on factual data, has the potential to transform agriculture. It can contribute to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including SDG 2 “Zero Hunger” and SDG 15 “Life on Land”.

The Senegalese initiative is a reminder that every step counts, every effort counts, and every innovation counts in our quest for sustainable and resilient agriculture. By uniting our strengths, sharing our knowledge, and innovating, we can overcome the challenges we face and secure the future of agriculture.


Fatimata KONE

Communication and knowledge management officer


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