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Seeds of dreams in Asuboi: Where the earth whispers promises of plenty

16:40 19 January in News

In the sun-kissed Eastern region of Ghana, the yam fields of Asuboi awaken under the gentle touch of an agricultural revolution, carried by passionate souls. The Asuboi Farmers Association, a collective of 40 committed members (25 women and 15 men), embodies this change. These producers, in symbiosis with their nurturing land, plant much more than tubers: they sow seeds of hope for a radiant future. In a harmonious ballet with nature, the yam, this majestic vegetatively reproducing plant, is reborn. Gone are the ancestral practices which, despite their charm, hid a shadow: the persistence of pathogens threatening the sacred life cycle of the yam. Today, Asuboi breathes anew, cradled by the introduction of in vitro propagation methods and planting material born from tissue culture and hydroponic systems, like a gentle melody of innovation and progress.

These techniques, like artists painting a bright future, eradicate pathogens, revealing the hidden potential of the yam with brilliance. They elegantly dance with quarantine regulations, reduce virus spread, and offer a remedy to productivity losses. These giant strides weave a canvas of sustainable and resilient agriculture, a living tableau in harmony with nature.

The quest for a reliable supply of certified quality planting materials is an epic at the heart of Ghana. Research, like stars guiding navigators, reveals that the use of tissue culture-derived certified planting material promises an abundance 30% greater than traditional methods. Since 2015, the CSIR, like a lighthouse of wisdom, has been spreading these treasures among farmers, with special attention to women and youth, the guardians of the future.

Madame Lydia SASU and her organization, the Development Action Association (DAA), have woven, since 2018, a golden ribbon around the benefits of these quality seeds and improved yam varieties. Their quest goes beyond cultivation: it embraces food security and the fight against poverty, painting a horizon of well-being and equity.

The Asuboi Farmers Association, a member of the DAA and FONG, cultivates yams not only to feed themselves but also to nourish dreams and hopes. Each member, like an artist of the land, has created their own farm, a sanctuary of life and sharing.

In 2023, thanks to the generosity of the Israeli embassy in Ghana, a gari processing center was established, becoming a haven for all farmers in the region. The echo of the WILDAF/ROPPA training still resonates, having paved the way for the land empowerment of women, pioneers rooted in their land.

The Yam Producers of Asuboi are not mere cultivators; they are sculptors of the future, weavers of dreams, guardians of a fertile heritage that will bloom for generations to come.

Fatimata KONE

Communication and Knowledge Management Officer



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