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Roots of development: Phase 2 of the ‘Land and Forest Tenure Project’ sows hope in Mali

13:47 19 October in News

Mali stands at a crossroads of agricultural and environmental development, a reality highlighted during the sharing session organized by the National Coordination of Farmers’ Organizations of Mali (CNOP Mali). On the 17th and 18th of October 2023, key players gathered to discuss the second phase of the “Land and Forest Tenure Project,” a promising initiative for the sustainable management of the country’s natural resources. The heart of this meeting was the goal of bringing all participants to an equal footing in terms of understanding and information regarding the project.

The context of the new project’s intervention was meticulously explained, emphasizing the importance of land and forest management within the framework of sustainable development. The challenges faced by Mali, including deforestation, soil erosion, and land conflicts, were addressed with the conviction that better management of natural resources can help solve these issues. The project’s intervention strategies were presented, detailing the objectives and expected results. The implementation strategies were clear: it was about promoting inclusive governance and strengthening the capacities of local actors. The responsibilities of the various stakeholders, including NGOs, regional and national associations of agricultural producers, were recalled, underlining the importance of collaboration and cohesion for the project’s success.

A crucial moment of the session was the review of the project’s logical framework, with particular attention paid to the result indicators. This allowed for the validation of the success measures and ensured that each stakeholder was aligned with the same objectives. Finally, the session served as a springboard to define the next steps, with a clear schedule and defined actions to ensure the project’s continuous progression. It was a space of productive dialogue, where each voice could contribute to the collective vision of a green and prosperous Mali.

The “Land and Forest Tenure Project Phase 2” represents a beacon of hope for Mali. It embodies the country’s commitment to sustainable land and forest management and lays the foundation for a profound transformation of Mali’s agriculture and environment. The CNOP Mali sharing session marked a decisive moment, bringing together devoted minds and hardworking hands for a sustainable and resilient future. The Malian land is not just a witness to this change; it is its cradle, promising to nourish present and future generations.

Fatimata KONE

Communication and Knowledge Management Officer


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