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Resilience and revolution: The shining example of Loroum in small ruminant husbandry

07:07 29 January in News

The Loroum province, located in northern Burkina Faso, stands as a striking example of resilience and innovation in the face of crises. Struck by security disturbances and economic challenges, this region has given birth to a revolutionary project led by the Provincial Union of Wend-Panga Cooperative Societies of Loroum Breeders (UP/SCOOP/ENWL). This project aims to strengthen the resilience of youth and women through the fattening of small ruminants, a traditional husbandry practice reimagined to meet contemporary needs. This initiative is built on a solid pastoral tradition while integrating technical and social innovations. It specifically targets youth and women, often the most affected by crises, by providing them with training, resources, and support necessary to develop sustainable economic activities. This project goes beyond the economic aspect; it includes a strong social and educational dimension, promoting entrepreneurship and enhancing management skills.

The success of this project is evident. Entire families have regained a stable source of income, thereby increasing the region’s food security. The inclusion of women and youth in this project has also broken certain stereotypes and valorized their role in the economic and social development of their community. This approach has not only stimulated the local economy but also contributed to transforming social norms, highlighting the importance of gender equality and the inclusion of youth in rural development.

In this 37th issue of “The Gems of Family Farms,” we highlight this experience that transcends mere husbandry to become a model of integrated community development. The lessons learned from this experience are invaluable for all communities facing similar challenges. They demonstrate that with ingenuity, solidarity, and a commitment to inclusion, it’s possible to turn crises into opportunities for sustainable and inclusive development.

In summary, the UP/SCOOP/ENWL’s experience in the Loroum province is a source of inspiration. It illustrates how, even in the most challenging contexts, innovative and inclusive initiatives can lead to positive and lasting change. This project is an eloquent example of how communities can adapt and thrive, turning challenges into opportunities. It serves as a powerful reminder that even in the face of adversity, resilience, innovation, and inclusion can pave the way to a better future.

We strongly encourage you to download the capitalization document of this project from the ROPPA website:



This document offers a comprehensive overview of the initiative, its methods, results, and teachings. It’s a valuable resource for anyone interested in rural development, community resilience, and gender equality. This project is an edifying testament to the strength and resilience of rural communities in the face of adversity and a model to follow for other regions facing similar challenges.

Fatimata KONE

Communication and Knowledge Management Officer


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