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New agricultural dawn: Senegal mobilizes to reinvent its agriculture

15:46 23 January in News

In Senegal, a revolutionary movement is underway, at the heart of which lies the future of national agriculture. Led by the National Council for Rural Consultation and Cooperation (CNCR), this historic mobilization is much more than a mere gathering. It’s a rallying cry for a sustainable, fair, and prosperous future for the farmers and fishers who nourish our nation. For decades, Senegalese agriculture has faced countless challenges: climate change, inadequate resource management, ill-suited agricultural policies, and increasing marginalization of smallholders. Recognizing these challenges, the CNCR has called for action. This movement aims to transform the agricultural sector through dialogue, innovation, and collective action.


The mobilization days, scheduled for January 29 and February 1 in various regions of Senegal, are key moments in this movement. They bring together not only CNCR members but also other civil society organizations, government representatives, and concerned citizens. These meetings are crucial for developing concrete strategies and solutions for a more resilient and productive agriculture.

On January 29, hundreds will gather in Thiès, Kaolack, Fatick, Kaffrine, Tambacounda, Kédougou, Linguère, and Dahra. Their goal is clear: to highlight the issues faced by rural communities and propose innovative solutions. On February 1, the mobilization will continue in Saint Louis, Ziguinchor, Kolda, Sedhiou, and Matam. Here, the focus will be on developing fairer and more effective agricultural policies, taking into account the specific needs of each region.

These events are of crucial importance. They symbolize a turning point in how Senegal approaches its agricultural problems. It’s a unique opportunity for sector actors to be heard, to share their experiences, and to work together towards a common future.

The CNCR, by orchestrating these mobilization days, highlights the importance of strong and supported family agriculture. This approach aims to ensure the country’s food security while ensuring that farmers and fishers can live decently from their work. It’s a fight for equity, sustainability, and innovation in a sector that is the cornerstone of the Senegalese economy.

Beyond discussions and workshops, these days are a call to action. They invite every Senegalese to support local agriculture, to value national products, and to recognize the crucial importance of smallholders in the national economy. It’s a call to rethink our relationship with the land, to promote sustainable agricultural practices, and to support future generations of farmers.

This CNCR movement represents hope and ambition for a Senegal where agriculture is synonymous with prosperity, environmental respect, and social inclusion. It’s a vibrant call to all Senegalese to unite for a better future, a future where our land and our people are valued, respected, and prosperous.

Join this green revolution. Support the movement. Participate in the mobilization days. Together, let’s build the future of Senegalese agriculture.

Fatimata KONE

Communication and Knowledge Management Officer


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