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CNCR’s Youth Rally for Agroecology and the Preservation of Senegal’s Resources!

14:13 22 August in News

August 21st is set to become a pivotal day in Senegal’s environmental timeline. On this day, the CNCR meeting room was abuzz with discussions and proposals from a passionate youth, hailing from various parts of Senegal and partner organizations, all committed to protecting our natural heritage. This assembly was the commencement of preparations for the second Camp of Peasant Agroecology for Climate and Community Management of Natural Resources (CAP-GCRN2).

This isn’t the first time these youths have showcased their commitment to the environment. In 2022, they organized the first edition of CAP-GCRN at Lake Tamna. An initiative that already underscored the pressing need to conserve our natural resources. This year, their focus is on Lake Rose, a decision laden with symbolism.

Lake Rose isn’t just any location. It’s a Senegalese touristic jewel, famed for its saline waters and unique hue, but also an economic lifeline for local communities. However, like many ecosystems globally, Lake Rose is under threat. Climate change impacts, combined with other human-induced factors, jeopardize its very existence. Its once radiant allure is fading, and if left unchecked, it may vanish altogether.

The decision to host the upcoming CAP-GCRN at Lake Rose is thus rooted in urgency. It’s a heartfelt plea to draw the state authorities’ attention, and indeed the entire Senegalese populace, to the imperative of preserving this iconic site. By selecting this location, CNCR’s youth aim to trigger collective awareness and inspire tangible action.

Beyond mere awareness-raising, the attendees have chalked out a pragmatic action plan. An expedition is planned around Lake Rose. This hands-on experience will offer insights into the local population’s actual needs and pinpoint the most critically endangered areas. Furthermore, several commissions have been instituted to ensure the camp’s smooth organization. These entities will ensure that all interventions are efficient, targeted, and in line with the identified challenges.

One of the camp’s core missions will revolve around reforestation—a vital step to combat desertification, restore degraded ecosystems, and bolster carbon sequestration. Moreover, advocacy sessions are on the agenda. The goal? Enlighten, educate, and mobilize everyone, from the ordinary citizen to political decision-makers, on environmental stakes.

These endeavors aren’t isolated gestures but epitomize a broader movement of Senegal’s youth awakening to their role in safeguarding the environment. Climatic, ecological, and socio-economic challenges are intertwined, and addressing these facets holistically will pave the way for a sustainable future for Senegal.

The countdown has begun. November 2023, the chosen month for this camp, will witness the gathering of a hundred determined youths, ready to catalyze positive change. Their message is crystal clear: the time to act is now, and every effort counts.

This Lake Rose assembly is merely the onset of a lengthy journey to shield our heritage. But with such a devoted youth, the horizon looks promising. A new age of environmental accountability is dawning, and it’s up to each of us to play our role.

Fatimata KONE

Communication and Knowledge Management Officer


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