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Capacity Building Workshop for Local Media on Climate Information Dissemination in Burkina Faso

14:06 31 May in News

On May 31, 2023, a workshop focusing on strengthening the capacity of local media for the dissemination of climate information was inaugurated in Koudougou by Nana Boukary from the National Meteorological Agency of Burkina Faso.

This workshop, organized in collaboration with the Regional AGRHYMET Climate Center for West Africa and the Sahel (AGRHYMET CCR-AOS), aims to address a major issue. Indeed, despite the annual dissemination of agro-hydro-climatic seasonal forecasts by the National Meteorological Agency through various channels, it has been noted that the level of forecast communication in Burkina Faso and West Africa remains insufficient. To address this gap, the Agency and AGRHYMET CCR-AOS have decided to invest in strengthening the skills of communicators for better dissemination of these forecasts, with the support of the ClimSA project.

This workshop primarily aims to enhance the communication of information arising from agro-hydro-climatic seasonal forecasts. In particular, it seeks to improve the understanding and interpretation of seasonal forecast products by representatives from community radio platforms, journalist networks, and producer organizations in the country.

Specific efforts will be made to identify gaps in transmitting forecasts to end-users, raise further awareness among communicators on the importance of timely dissemination of forecasts, discuss the format of key messages to facilitate the dissemination and understanding of forecasts, and establish a platform for communicator networks on agro-hydro-climatic seasonal forecasts in Burkina Faso.

At the conclusion of this workshop, which brings together around sixty participants, a significant improvement in the understanding and interpretation of seasonal forecasts is expected, as well as identification of gaps in their transmission to end-users, heightened awareness among intermediaries about the importance of timely dissemination of these forecasts, the development of formats for communicating key messages about forecasts, and the creation of a network platform project on seasonal forecasts.

This capacity-building workshop is an encouraging sign of the growing awareness of the importance of effective communication of agro-hydro-climatic forecasts, a key element in strengthening community resilience to the challenges of climate change.


Fatimata KONE

Communication and Knowledge Management officer


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