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Boundaries and brotherhood: FONG’s MOPSS meeting opens new horizons in the Sahel

11:08 30 December in News

The Farmers Organization Network in Ghana (FONG) has recently taken a remarkable initiative by organizing a crucial workshop within the framework of the project “Mobility for Peaceful Transborder Pastoralism and Social Stability in the Sahel” (MOPSS). This event, which took place on December 28th and 29th, 2023, at the Fonky Grand Hotel in Bolgatanga, Upper East Region of Ghana, represents a significant step towards the inclusion of pastoralism in local district development plans. It emphasizes the importance of a multi-stakeholder dialogue for the peaceful management of natural resources, particularly pastoral lands.

The workshop, led by FONG, focused on several key objectives. Firstly, community-centered development. This initiative aimed to strengthen the voices of local communities, especially those involved in pastoralism, to ensure their consideration in district development strategies. This approach aimed to value and empower pastoral communities, often relegated to the margins of political decisions.

Secondly, sustainable resource management was a major concern. In the current context marked by the challenges of climate change, it becomes crucial to find methods for sustainably managing natural resources. The workshop provided a platform to explore innovative strategies ensuring a balanced use of land, essential for the viability of pastoral and agricultural communities.

The third focus of the workshop was the harmonious collaboration among various actors: cattle herders, farmers, local authorities, and development organizations. This initiative promoted an open dialogue for peaceful coexistence along the borders, essential for resolving conflicts related to resource use and for promoting effective land management.

The presence of the Directors of Agriculture from the districts of Kassena Nankana, Builsa, Bolgatanga, and Bawku reinforced the importance of this workshop, ensuring that the discussions aligned with the real needs of the communities. The support of partners such as SNV Ghana and ROPPA was also crucial for the success of this event.

The MOPSS initiative, strengthened by FONG’s commitment, aims to lay the foundations for a more inclusive, sustainable, and harmonious future for the Sahel region. By prioritizing these discussions and working for concrete strategies, FONG significantly contributes to improving the well-being of communities and preserving the environment.

In summary, this workshop organized by FONG marked a crucial turning point in the recognition and integration of pastoralism into development strategies. It highlighted the need for collaborative and sustainable management of natural resources and laid the foundations for peaceful transborder collaboration, essential for the stability and socio-economic development of the Sahel region.

Fatimata KONE

Communication and Knowledge Management Officer



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