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Beyond borders: The peace caravan weaves bonds of unity

07:07 13 November in News

In an era where tensions and security crises seem never to abate, a ray of light crosses borders, uniting hearts and minds: the “Transborder Peace Caravan.” Initiated by the Youth Association for the Development of the Sahel (AJDS) in 2017, this caravan traversed border communities of Burkina Faso and Niger, bringing hope and renewal to regions thirsty for peace and unity. Facing an unprecedented security crisis, with more than 1.8 million displaced people and thousands of schools closed, the Peace Caravan is more than just an initiative; it is a symbol of resilience and humanity. Each year, artists, youth, women, local elected officials, and many others gather for a journey of solidarity, exchange, and awareness-raising.

We are proud to include this inspiring story in our weekly column “Gems of Family Farms”. This 26th issue highlights the extraordinary efforts and significant impact of this initiative on the involved communities.

This remarkable movement, unique in its transborder character, deserves not only to be celebrated but also to be capitalized upon to share the experience and encourage its replication. This innovative project has touched hearts and minds, mobilizing more than fifty caravaners and reaching thousands of people. The varied activities, ranging from public conferences to cultural nights, have created spaces for exchange and mutual understanding, essential for weaving a strong social fabric. The impact of the Caravan is tangible and profound. It has revitalized communities, transformed fear into hope, and allowed populations to feel less abandoned. The participants’ testimonials reflect a remarkable change in perspective, an awareness of the importance of peaceful coexistence and mutual respect. Entire villages, once ravaged by fear and uncertainty, have regained a semblance of normality and dignity thanks to this initiative.

The Transborder Peace Caravan is not limited to an annual event; it has generated lasting changes. Peace clubs have been created, perpetuating the caravan’s message throughout the year. These clubs continue to raise community awareness about the dangers of identity withdrawal and the erosion of social cohesion, while promoting the benefits of solidarity and acceptance of others. The support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Association for the Promotion of Livestock in the Sahel and Savannah (APESS), and other partners has been crucial for the realization of this project. Their technical and financial support enabled the Peace Caravan to unleash its full potential and touch thousands of lives.

The lessons learned from this experience are manifold. The caravan has shown that collaboration and community engagement can break down geographic and cultural barriers, creating an environment conducive to peace and sustainable development. It has also revealed the importance of mobilizing youth and women in the peacebuilding process, underscoring their vital role in promoting social cohesion. As we celebrate the success of the Transborder Peace Caravan, we invite everyone to discover more about this revolutionary project. Download the capitalization document at: TRANSBORDER PEACE CARAVAN

Join us in this unceasing quest for peace and unity. Together, let’s build a future where transborder solidarity and social cohesion reign supreme.

Fatimata KONE

Communication and Knowledge Management Officer


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