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Author: Mohamed Ndiaye


23 February in News

ROPPA INFO n ° 010 focuses on rural youth.For the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ROPPA, Mr. Ibrahima COULIBALY: "" Setting up projects for rural youth without the involvement of peasant organizations is a mistake ". Find out more by downloading the newsletter ...

Declaration of the Watch and Action Committee (WAC) on regional development policies for the agri-forestry-pastoral and fisheries sector

23 February in News

While acknowledging the efforts and initiatives implemented by political decision-makers at the national and regional levels for the achievement of development objectives, the members of the WAC under the lead of ROPPA note that there is still room for improvement with priority areas of investment which must be well targeted, in order to achieve real post-crisis economic and social recovery.The members of the WAC invite political decision-makers to anticipate the 2022 lean season which promises to be very worrying; pay great attention to the preparation of the agri-forestry-pastoral and fisheries 2022/2023 campaign; to address more ambitious actions in the face...

African and European agriculture needs protection

23 February in News

The sixth European Union African Union Summit will be held on February 17 and 18 in Brussels. On this occasion, we jointly express the imperative need to rebuild food sovereignty on our two continents.Even today, it is peasant and family farming that, in Europe as in Africa, feeds people. Our small and medium-sized farms create jobs and sustain rural areas. Moreover, at a time when scientists agree on the urgency of a global agro-ecological transition to respond to climate crises and the collapse of biodiversity, the maintenance of numerous peasants practicing diversified agriculture on all territories should be a shared...

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