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A united call from WAEMU agricultural stakeholders in times of crisis

18:13 20 October in News

During the symposium titled “20 Years of UEMOA’s Agricultural Policy: Assessment and Outlook”, held from October 10 to 12, 2023, in Ouagadougou, a collaborative momentum emerged. Eight leading organizations, namely ROPPPA, APESS, RBM, ROAC, AFAO, COFENABVI, CORET, and WILDAF, united under the banner of the Monitoring and Action Committee (CVA) to produce a memorandum in response to the series of crises faced by UEMOA member countries over the past two decades.

Confronted with a plethora of challenges such as conflicts over resources, climate change, socio-political instabilities, these organizations have observed the frailties of current policies and sensed the urgent need for a transformation of the Union’s Agricultural Policy (PAU).

The progress made thanks to the combined efforts of the UEMOA Commission, member states, and the aforementioned organizations is undeniable. However, the looming shadows of persisting difficulties, ranging from climatic variability to political instability, cast a pall over these achievements.

Empowered by their commitment and vision, these agricultural professional organizations have put forth a set of recommendations for a more resilient PAU. Central to their proposals are the drafting of a 2025-2030 action plan focused on strategic products and enhanced coordination of financing mechanisms, all while emphasizing a deeper involvement of the OPA in the rollout of the FRDA.

Given the current challenges, the urgency of a renewed and more inclusive PAU is evident. Close collaboration between the UEMOA Commission, member states, and these eight organizations will be key to forging a prosperous agricultural future for the region.

For a detailed overview of the recommendations and the collective vision of ROPPPA, APESS, RBM, ROAC, AFAO, COFENABVI, CORET, and WILDAF, we invite you to DOWNLOAD THE FULL MEMORANDUM HERE .

Fatimata KONE

Communication and Knowledge Management Officer



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