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A beacon of light in the granary: MAPTO’s enchanting odyssey in elevating agricultural storage

07:07 16 October in News

Illuminating the storehouses of agricultural cooperatives in Togo is a shimmering light of success, transcending the boundaries of the struggle for proper crop conservation and carving a golden pathway towards prosperity and sustainability. The Movement Alliance Paysanne du Togo, better known by its evocative acronym MAPTO, stands out in spectacular relief, echoing a story of transformation and perseverance that resonates across Togo’s expansive agricultural landscapes. In the 22nd issue of our uplifting section ” Gems of Family Farms”, we delve into the heart of this captivating saga, bound to stir inspiration within you.

Although the verdant fields of Togo are rich and bountiful, they have long been overshadowed by the daunting challenges of agricultural product distress sale, where joyous harvests were quickly dimmed by the pressure to sell under unfavourable conditions, sweeping along the hard work and hopes of farmers. The poignant question, “what do you want us to do with our products when we have nowhere to store them?”, once resonated as a desperate refrain, continually echoing despair linked to inadequate storage infrastructures.

But where there was despair, MAPTO saw opportunity; a chance to transform lives and livelihoods of its members and the wider community by ensuring that every harvested grain is preserved with dignity until it reaches the market. The rise of MAPTO’s stores is not just an answer to the storage crisis, but a triumphant symbol of the impact an organization can have when driven by passion, perseverance, and a commitment to community.

Implementing storage infrastructures not only revolutionized how products were preserved but also birthed a robust maturity in the marketing systems of cooperatives. The refined stores, veritable fortresses of agricultural abundance, became hubs around which group sales revolved, attracting wholesalers and establishing a space where products could be efficiently aggregated. It’s not merely a storage space; it’s a home where the harvest is valued, preserved, and, by extension, where farmers see their toil justly and fairly rewarded.

However, the journey was not without its bumps. MAPTO, with exemplary wisdom and adaptability, not only responded agilely to inherent challenges such as the need for robust partnership and strategic planning but also skillfully navigated through the complex waters of community management and collaboration. In Blitta, for example, members redefined the meaning of community solidarity by opting for the construction of a new store, ensuring that everyone’s needs were met with fairness and a spirit of camaraderie.

The lessons gleaned from MAPTO’s journey are as rich as the soils on which their members farm. From insights into halting the distress sale of agricultural products to the significance of store maintenance, every cornerstone laid by MAPTO in the development of storage infrastructures charts a route that many might aspire to follow. And as MAPTO continues to blossom, creating impact waves that resonate through cooperatives and communities, the story remains a rich source of inspiration and knowledge.

Dear readers, we warmly invite you to dive deeper into this story of impact, resilience, and community innovation by downloading the full document of this riveting case study on our knowledge management platform:


Embark with us on this journey across the fields of Togo, and explore how MAPTO, a bright light in Africa’s granaries, transformed access to agricultural product storage infrastructures into an epic that will continue to shine through the ages.

Fatimata KONE

Communication and Knowledge Management Officer


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