ROPPA and its partners are launching a call for proposals for the capitalization of economic initiatives and agroecological

ROPPA is a regional institution gathering West African farmer’s organizations and agricultural producers that has been established in 2000. The network has supported many initiatives having as final objective to contribute to the development of family farming and influence in a significant way agricultural policies in the region. To this end, through many actions and various partners, the network and its members have supported initiatives from family farmers and local farmers’ organizations (cooperatives, federations, unions…).
The results realized by the different stakeholders as an output of the overall capitalizations’ process (capitalization & dissemination) have enabled some initiatives promoters to improve their level of production, processing and marketing of their products. Such improvements are driven by the information sharing, an effort in the good practices scaling up, the training of farmers, visits and exchanges between farmers. Moreover, the process have contributed to upgrade the network advocacy actions through a reinforcement of the training strategy, dialogue between FOs and research institutions and a strengthening of both economic services and policies influences.
In 2014, ROPPA engaged a first process that selected and supported about forty (40) initiatives. This first experience led in December 2015 to a regional sharing and dissemination workshop based on the exploitation of the capitalization products held in Accra, Ghana. After the assessment of the overall process and considering the very positive results of this first experience, ROPPA decided to launch a second call for initiatives centered on some priority actions of FOs and advocacy undertaken by ROPPA.
This second call for proposal launched by ROPPA engages a new capitalization process that will be conducted with the technical support of GRET, Inter-réseaux and CFSI and the financial support of CTA, AFDI , Fondation de France, Hub Rural, IFAD and EU.

The call for proposals aims at stimulating farmers’ organizations to submit relevant initiatives in order to reveal their good practices in the domain of economic services and agro ecology. This practices and experiences will be shared with others FOs (within or out the network) in a scaling up approach.
The results of the capitalization process will enable:
 Promoters of initiatives to learn from their actions and, should this happen , to clarify the appropriate conditions of a scaling up or an expansion of their initiatives ;
 ROPPA and national platforms to :
(v) Formulate and negotiate programs aiming at supporting initiatives capitalized that have a high scaling up potential;
(vi) Facilitate exchanges, mutualisations and co-operations around capitalization lessons;
(vii) Highlight necessary institutional reforms within FOs to support and/or strengthen the development of critical services for the benefit of the family farms ;
(viii) Upgrade advocacies approaches of both national platforms and ROPPA, engaged in the defense of family farmers’ needs through public programs, strategies and policies.

Initiatives selected will deal with the following priority themes:
5. Promotion and valorization of local products and action to consumers in favor of local consumption. It can be about initiatives promoted by FOs or operators downstream from sectors (SMEs from agro-food processing, associations of consumers….). Those initiatives will be about the adaptation of productions to the needs of catering services and urban consumers, accessibility of local products, compliance with criteria of quality and health standards. The upgrading of a specific quality related to the origin or know-how having helped have access to lucrative markets;
6. Value chain Organization, organizational and institutional innovations, multi-actor consultations, inter-professions, various modes of contracting , helping establish structures relationships between actors of value chains benefiting to the various stakeholders, namely actors considered as the weakest : agricultural producers, processors (women) and traders, and helping the defense of enough food prices to get fair remunerations for the farm work. You have to grant attention to the innovations related to stocking and storage of products, allowing a better mastery of supplying and marketing of products, even the participation in safety stocks and farmer response to the institutional purchases.
7. Agro-ecological intensification of the agricultural production along beneficial agro-food chains for environment and/or concerned about avoiding helpful greenhouse gases and innovations on climate changes
8. Innovative experiences of support to family farms implemented by FOs, creation of economic services, and in particular, one none hand, service dedicated to the support of women and youth entrepreneurship helping the creation of activities within family farms (market gardening, small-scale livestock or its extension (processing, marketing) and, on another hand, financial support and financial intermediation services.
Those four big priorities represent very large plots. Whatever the plot, the selection of initiatives will take into account their innovating nature.


Eligible initiatives will correspond to the four priority themes defined by ROPPA. They will be promoted and presented by West African FOs corresponding at least to the 3rd level (unions, federations, co-operatives, GIE…), affiliated to ROPPA national platforms or to the other networks such as RBM, APESS, UEOFA, and AAFEX…
Experiences should be those launched for at least 3 years with a real impact at the economic, social and environmental, organizational or technical level.
A particular attention will be given to the initiatives promoted by women and youth.

A regional committee of selection will be set up. It’ll be constitute by some members of the steering committee (GRET, IR, ROPPA, and CFSI). The selection of experiences to be capitalized will be done based on the relevance of information provided in the fact sheet of initiatives and criteria defined by ROPPA.
The detailed description of initiatives retained will be done by FOs promoting those experiences, with the accompaniment of their national platforms, networks and a resource person.
To this end, training sessions will be organized to reinforce the capacity of the selected FOs in the meaning of capitalization and the writing of such a documents for FOs (unions, federations, co-operatives…) and country national platforms in which initiatives have been retained.

FOs interested in this call will submit to the executive secretariat of ROPPA through their national platforms or networks of affiliation, a short presentation of their initiatives by using the following template sheet in annex. Through this call, ROPPA will support the selected FOs along the capitalization process.
• Launching Date : 29 june 2016
• Submission Deadline : 10 august 2016 (5.00 pm)
• The filed application files should be sent to your national platforms (see national platforms contacts)
• Each national platform will send the pre-selected initiatives to the Executive Secretariat of ROPPA.


Annex 1 : Short Fact sheet of the promoter

Name of the FO
Legal Statuts
Contacts (mail, phone, web site)
Areas of intervention of the FO
How many members the FO has?
What are the objectives that motivate your FO to participate in this call for proposal?

Annex 2 : Short fact sheet of the initiative

What is the name/title of the initiative?
Value Chain concerned
What is the coverage area of the initiative?
How many individuals the initiative has directly reached?
What are the volumes concerned?
When did the initiative start?
Has this initiative already been capitalized?
What are the current volumes over the past 5 years?
What are the yields of the past 5 years?
What are the volumes marketed over the past 5 years?
Resource person of the FO in charge of the initiative
What is the starting problem or/and opportunity?
What are the desired objectives when starting the initiative?
Which key activities have you conducted/which type of services have you set up?
What are the strong partnerships established and the nature of partnership?
What are the key results achieved?
What are the difficulties encountered during the implementation of the initiative?
What is the assessment of the experience?
What do you want to do through the capitalization of the initiative?

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