Name: PNOPPA-Bénin
Date of establishment: March, 17th 2006 in Bohicon
NON-PROFIT ASSOCIATION governed by the law of July, 1st 1901 and its decree of enforcement, Civil Code, its by-laws.
PNOPPA is registered to the Minister of Interior of the Republic of Benin under N° C/SAG N°4585 of October, 10th 2006 and published in Official Journal of the Republic of Benin under n°2007/0252 DEP-ATL-LITT-SG-SAG-ASSOC of July, 03rd 2007 .

1. FUPRO-BENIN: Federation of Beninese Farmers’ Unions
2. GEA-BENIN: Group of Beninese Famers
3. ONPB: National Organization of Beninese Farmers
4. ANEP : National Association of Pig rearers
5. UNAPEMAB: National Union of Sea Fishermen and Persons of equivalent sector of Benin
6. ANAB: National Association of Beninese Poultry Farmers
7. FNPPH: National Federation of Palm oil Producers
8. ANOPER: National Association of Professional Organizations of Ruminant Breeders
9. SYNPA : Farmer Synergy
10. WOMEN COLLEG of Beninese FOs
11. FENAPAB: National Federation of Beninese cashew farmers


  • General Assembly : supreme and sovereign authority of decision-making made-up of the Platform member organizations delegates (Art. 17)
  • Board of Directors : comprises fifteen (15) members distributed between the platform founding member organizations and tasked with executing decisions from the General Assembly and good functioning of the organization (Art. 28 et 29)
  • Executive Bureau : made-up of nine (09) members within the Board and in charge of the daily management of PNOPPA-BENIN (Art. 29)
  • Monitoring committee: comprises three (03) members of which the designation is up to the General Assembly. It takes care of the good management of the platform patrimonies (Art. 34)
  • A credible, dynamic and representative structure for the defense of a family and professional farming integrated to the national, regional and international market that guarantees food security and sovereignty ;
  • A group of pressure, inter-farmer solidarity and agricultural professionals who strongly influences agricultural policies within national, regional and international structures on common issues to the Farmer Organizations and Agricultural Professionals ;
  • A breeding ground for the strengthening of the systems of information, communication and trainings intended for grassroots Farmer Organizations and Agricultural Professionals
  • Lastly, an autonomous, well governed and pro-active with a big credibility.
    Contributing to the improvement of farmers’ welfare through the defense of agricultural profession interests, setting up and rooting of the agricultural sector development instruments, modernization of family farming, promotion of agricultural, forestry and pastoral sectors, advocacy/lobbying and permanent surveillance in agricultural sector


  • Taking care of the preservation of unity, solidarity, dialogue and cohesiveness within the farmer movement and agricultural producers in the Republic of Benin ;
  • Defending Beninese farmers’ interests and their organizations ;
  • Working to the drawing up and implementation of national policies and programmes in line with agricultural development adapted to the characteristics of Beninese farmers ;
  • Contributing to the institutional, organizational capacity-building and management of its members ;
  • Promoting and defending the values of a competitive and sustainable farmer agriculture to the service of family farms and agricultural producers ;
  • Ensuring the representation of Beninese FOs in national, regional and international institutions and all the other fairs at the continental and international level on cross-cutting issues.
  • Favoring consultation and cooperation between similar institutions

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