A delegation of the Regional Support Project to Pastoralism in the Sahel (PRAPS) paid a courtesy visit to ROPPA

The regional coordination of the Regional Support Project to Pastoralism in the Sahel (PRAPS) conducted by the Coordinator Dr Maty BA DIAO paid a courtesy visit to the Executive Secretariat of ROPPA.

The coordinator took advantage of this visit to better explain the stakes related to the project and solicit the support of ROPPA for its implementation.
For your information: PRAPS is a six-year project funded by the World Bank in 6 countries: Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal and Chad.
PRAPS aims at improving the access to key production means and services and markets for pastors and agro-pastors within cross-border areas selected and along the transhumant itineraries within the six Sahelian countries, and building the capacity of those countries to respond timely and effectively in the event of pastoral crises or emergencies to:

  • Support the improvement of productivity, sustainability, resilience of pastors’ livelihoods ;
  • Secure livelihoods and production means of pastoral populations ;
  • Increase the raw product of livestock activities of at least 30% within the 6 countries concerned over the next five years, in order to improve significantly pastors’ incomes by 5 to 10 years.
    On behalf of ROPPA, the Executive Secretary, Mr Ousseini OUEDRAOGO is committed to supporting this project that will affect more than 2 million of pastors and agro-pastors in the Sahel.

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