The regional women college of ROPPA

From 15 to 17 March 2016, the regional women college of ROPPA, in collaboration with CNCR organized in Dakar a"regional workshop of exchanges on women access practices to land and definition of a regional advocacy strategy ."
For many actors, the women access to land is a tendentious philosophical issue influenced by foreign paradigms. Yet, the evolution of the socio-economic context of rural world and stakes of sustainable development justify the strengthening of women autonomy; it is obvious that they need a secured access to land that constitutes the productive basis in rural area. It seems to be clear that the participation of women through their organizations as actors, in the drawing up, implementation and assessment of agricultural policies can breed convincing results and will help better make them sensitive to gender issues. To this end, some women colleges of ROPPA member platforms worked on the issue of land tenure to better apprehend all the aspects of the issue in order to draw strategic orientations and avenues for solutions.

However, to get an impact, it is necessary to draw up and implement an advocacy strategy so that women can have access in an equitable way to productive resources and get involved at the same time in local land governance. This advocacy strategy cannot be effective without the political portage is guaranteed both at the national and sub-regional level. It is this way that ROPPA in collaboration with CNCR Women College that is very advanced on the issue of women access to land organized a regional workshop for the definition of a regional advocacy strategy for women access to land.

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