ROPPA held its first governing bodies meetings of 2016

In compliance with its by-laws, the Network of Farmer Organizations and Agricultural Producers of West Africa (ROPPA) organized its governing bodies meetings from 01 to 05 March 2016

First of all, there has been the Executive Bureau meeting from 01 to 02 March 2016 and this of the Board from 03 to 05 March 2016. The key objective of those ordinary meetings was to enable members of the Executive Bureau and Board to fully play their roles of surveillance and compliance with regulations and examine fundamental acts of the executive secretariat, in compliance with current by-laws, chiefly the AWPB 2015 report and the AWPB 2016 and the progress status of ongoing activities as well as prospects and proposals from the executive secretariat.
Those governing bodies meetings of ROPPA helped (i) adopt strategic documents, mostly the AWPB 2015 report and the AWPB 2016, (ii) exchange on the processes related to the strategic review, (iii) see the process of external evaluation and formulation of the next five-year plan, (iv) approve strategies for the continuation of some projects like the family farms Observatory, business Forum, Farmer University, the process in line with the funding of family farms.

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